#Repost from @clukitosari —- What an amazingly beautiful day. I can’t even comprehend it. #smithcollege

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A cloudy but colorful view of fall foliage from behind the Lyman Conservatory. #FallatSmith #smithcollege (at Smith College)

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Sunset in the Quad #FallatSmith #SmithCollege

Sage Hall #FallatSmith #SmithCollege

Lamont Bridge #FallatSmith #SmithCollege

Autumn at the Gates #FallatSmith #GrecourtGates #SmithCollege (at Smith College)


Post-Fall Break Musings

I can’t believe Fall Break has already come and gone! I’m sad to say goodbye to the few days I was able to spend at home, lounging on the couch and catching up on all the shows I had recorded, but I’m also eager to get working on midterms and finish the second half of the semester. Somehow I managed to return to Smith more stressed than I was the day before Fall Break, but little by little I am checking things off my to-do list. 

I got an email the other day about registering for spring classes, which made me do a double-take. Didn’t I just move back in? Isn’t it, like, the second week of class? I swear, every semester at Smith goes quicker than the one before it! I always make countdowns for the next break as a little motivator—and often pester my friends about how many days are left, oops—and with a bit less than six weeks ‘til Thanksgiving, here’s how my to-do list is shaping up:

  • 3 midterms
  • 2 quizzes
  • 2 longer papers
  • 1 seminar paper
  • 2? blog posts
  • a whole lotta reading

In the meantime, though, I was able to catch a quick photo of the pond out my window earlier when it was raining. I love when the leaves start falling—I can see more of the pond from my window!

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Eleanor Duckett House #FallatSmith #SmithCollege #HousesNotDorms

Haven House #FallatSmith #SmithCollege #HousesNotDorms